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We assist those who have been deported from the United States to settle in
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 

What We Do

The mission of Caminamos Juntos is to provide services for the integration and settlement of recently deported Mexicans and their families in the San Miguel de Allende area that facilitates their transition and contributes to a better quality of life.

The Caminamos Juntos Program

Caminamos Juntos offers guidance about many aspects of starting a life somewhere new.

Caminamos Juntos

Who’s eligible 

•Were you or your loved one recently deported to Mexico?
•Did you live for a substantial length of time in the United States?
•Do you have limited support in Mexico? 

What’s next

Call 415.169.0030 or email:
•Speak to our Program Director about your needs and how we can connect you with resources.


Caminamos Juntos


Provides guidance to deportees and their US citizen family members with administrative forms, requirements or procedures mandatory for identity documentation in Mexico

Caminamos Juntos


We cultivate businesses to be open to hiring individuals who might not come with references or diplomas. We also offer job interview assistance and training

Caminamos Juntos


We offer individual therapy to participants to cope with the trauma of deportation

Caminamos Juntos


Each participant is offered educational opportunities that best fit their needs and current situation

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Caminamos Juntos


Caminamos Juntos is the only civil organization in San Miguel de Allende, serving in a comprehensive fashion Mexicans deported from the US. We are aware of the challenges in the constantly changing area of deportation and we are committed to growing and adapting our organization to meet emerging needs.

What’s next!

Speak to us about your needs and how we can connect
you with resources

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Camimanos Juntos | San Miguel de Allende

"We provide humanitarian assistance and accompaniment to recent deportees and returnees"